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Business Applications

We have?created a modern web based framework to allow us to quickly develop?bespoke line of business applications for you. Run from the cloud and accessible via the web meaning no expensive hardware installation and maintenance, desktop software installation. The application is always accessible anywhere you are connected.

Our business applications are robust, fast, scalable and secure, built with the latest Microsoft technologies. We backup frequently to ensure your data is always safe. Cloud hosted using quality third party providers such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. As a result, your application is reliable, has good hardware failure tolerance?and a global presence. Wherever you are, speed is always consistent. As your business grows, server capacity can simply be scaled to meet your business needs with no time lag, the response is instant.

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Dellegance? – ?our?new cloud based Outsource Management Tool for your companies audit and due diligence requirements has arrived…

Many companies face regulatory challenges in our modern world. They have to demonstrate effective control management of their outsource relationships. This is not only for external regulators but also for internal auditors in a public?company.

Dellegance is a full web based management tool which includes financial analysis of, internal or external audit management and review of, and (re) approval of new and existing trading parties.

We are in soft launch phase now but Production is now live and we happy to demo across the web to you.

Contact us for a demo and test account now.

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