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Business Consulting Services

Bespoke consulting for your business

We offer bespoke consulting for your business and IT operational needs based on many years of real life experience gained in a corporate environment.

IT is now so important to the bottom line of many businesses that having a clear business operational focus on its use is critical. Buying software is often much easier than implementing it across an organisation. We have the experience of both business operations and technology and can bridge that gap for?you providing independant oversight on your own project management resources.

Below are some examples of services we can provide and have expertise in but if you require assistance outside of these, please contact us and we can quickly tell you if they are within our area of expertise:

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Document management system design and implementation;

There is a lot more to document management than just?implementing the software – many businesses fail to?engage their business users both in design and roll out meaning that the taxonomy and usage of the product configuration does not match their users expectations. This promotes poor take up with their user community and ultimately a failure to realise?the forecast return on investment. We can provide consulting services to help you deliver to the business.

Software product selection;

With business of all sizes, slick software sales techniques will often later on leave customer’s disgruntled with their chosen product or providers costs and services. Our consulting uses our industry experience to can act on your behalf to ensure you choose the right solution at?the right cost, with support and longevity of the relationship enhanced due to a careful matching of the contract to your business needs and expectations.

Operational issues around software implementations;

Installing new or enhanced software entails time and effort that business users do not have. Outside of the realm of project management we can provide the key link between your developer team (whether internal or through a third party) and your business whether the project is of a Waterfall or Agile?approach. With Agile we can provide consulting to take over the product owner role and ?liaise between business users and the developer team ensuring on-time?continuous delivery of new software.

Business Operations in the UK Insurance Market

Having many years experience in this environment with both Brokers, MGA’s and Underwriting Companies, we can provide consulting advice on operational issues you may be facing to help you reduce your costs and improve your operational efficiency.

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