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Affordable yet effective risk management

Managing outsource relationships elegantly Why struggle – do it in style with Dellegance!

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Dellegance is a ?cloud based? risk management software solution enabling you to manage the many aspects of third party outsource relationships you typically have in business. Since these can be complex with hierarchical relationships? and multiple contracts for different services, Dellegance is an ideal risk management tool. It empowers your skilled staff to focus on the risk not the due diligence exercise itself. It tracks and records each review and their approval by peer review users or approvals groups. Dellegance is designed to be highly configurable to your style of risk management.
  • Banish complex spreadsheets.
  • Focus on risk management not record keeping.
  • Let collaborative online approval reduce management time.
  • Script reviews the way you work.
  • Manage external auditing of your outsource partners.
  • Open access across your business.
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Keeping your business compliant with:
  • Risk based assessments;
  • Auditable processes;
  • Built-in service level performance metrics;
  • Concise reporting;
  • Automatic notifications.
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Typically, with outsource relationships, we trade with entities or ?parties? and the ?people? who work for them to whom we contract outsourced ?services? via ?contracts? (contractual agreements). The three pillars of Dellegance are therefore Parties, Contract?s and People around whom all activity is focused.
With outsourcing comes the risk management and due diligence necessary for an outsource relationship to be managed. Ongoing approval either internally or externally (e.g. by a regulator) or both is required with a full audit trail and later evidencing necessary.
There are often peer review approval processes on both the Parties themselves and the Contracts you have with them, around items such as:
  • GDPR compliance;
  • Global sanctions checks;
  • Financial security;
  • Reputation and Standing;
  • Contract quality;
  • Auditing for contract compliance;
  • Business continuity planning;
  • Policy & Procedures.
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