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Availability and Pricing

Managing outsource relationships elegantly

Affordable, effective, transparent risk management
Why struggle – do it in style with Dellegance!

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Dellegance is available now and can be up and running very fast – contact us for a quote and immediate setup upon payment.


Test drive Dellegance. We can provide you a private demo environment with immediate availability? ? outline your business for us and we will set-up a demo for you.

The demo environment is fully functional for you to try for 60 days at no cost. Please contact us with your requirements and business type so we can help.
Nb. This is a demo environment so you cannot convert any date into production later on and it will be deleted after 60 days?so you know!

Road Map

Dellegance has an active product road map with changes often driven by customer request. As a result, releases to the SaaS Subscription environment are frequent. All updates to he core product are offered to our customers at no extra cost and are considered part of the subscription cost by us.


We have two pricing models,

  1. Subscription Service (SaaS) which is a cloud based subscription license with instant access and no requirements for your own infrastructure. All system enhancements are included at no additional cost in the subscription. The Subscription Service license is annual and has three levels to satisfy your needs:
    Users ? limits to the number of active logins (5 or 20 users);
    Parties ? limits the number of Parties that can be active (20 or 50 entities);
    Enterprise ? no limits imposed.
  2. On-Premises cloud model where you host Dellegance in your own cloud. This is a traditional software license model where you provide your own cloud infrastructure. Due to the bespoke nature of such deployments, license and implementation prices will be quoted on understanding your needs and requirements.

As no two customers are the same, our price quote always reflect the expected usage and complexity of configuration.

We can offer dedicated training and configuration support at competitive rates as part of that quote if so requested.

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