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Web Design

We specialise in bespoke web Design?for small business.

Sometimes the cheap template driven web sites provided by the major hosting companies do not provide the flexibility your business needs.

In addition these template driven sites?can often make future changes difficult as they limit your design options and their use make it hard to leave the hosting provider without starting again?- we all want sticky customers of course!

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Domain and hosting management

Our approach is different, we find the fastest and best hosting for you. We would always recommend your domain names are managed through a different registration company independent from your web hosting company with full change access given to you (or us, if you prefer) and no hidden leaving charges. Should the web hosting company not provide the service we all need and expect then its an easy quick change if they do not control the domain name and mail records. We only recommend web hosting companies who we know provide fast speed and good service from our own experience and we are not paid by them to recommend clients to them.

Web Design

With our web design service we?can create and configure?a new site quickly (often in three days) and cheaply?using the best open source software around to keep your costs down. Along with outsourcing the management of your web hosting and domain name to us, we can?enable you to concentrate on your business not your web overhead and put up a professional site fast.

Its cheaper than you think so contact us

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